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About Us

Sterling, a one of a kind Design Build Complete company, integrates the design and construction into one seamless process. Our clients are not susceptible to cost overruns and delays, but enjoy the comfort of a project that is well designed, well built, furnished and on schedule.

Sterling, with our unmatched team of Professional Architects, Designers, Construction Managers/Builders and a complete Furniture Procurement department, provides our clients with one source for all their interior needs.

From the initial client meeting to job completion, Sterling is accountable to our customers throughout the process. Our staff provides clients with superior design and realistic costs. Meeting these requirements is a team effort and we are there to ensure that the project cost and schedule are adhered to. Our full involvement in your project helps prevent the dreaded "change orders" and unnecessary project delays.

Sterling's Design Build Complete process, which has been successful time and again, is the unquestionable way to save time and money on any project.