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At Design Build Associates, Architecture and Construction work collectively to work with every client, and in our fast pace world, that seamless integration saves time and money. The lengthy process of first retaining an architect to develop a design, bid the construction and then mobilize to build the project takes entirely too long. This is why the Design/Build process has become more and more popular today. Design Build Associates, as one of the initial founders of this process, has created a seamless process from design to move-in and architecture is the lead runner in the process.

The Design/Build concept, although fairly simple, is still relatively new but is becoming more popular because it produces a better project at lower cost. Design Build Associates was proudly one of the first to utilize this concept.

The process begins when the client has a space to build or renovate. Design Build Associates's team of architects and designers will create a plan that will maximize space and present a new professional design to impress your clients and employees while keeping costs down.

Once the design is approved, Design Build Associates will bring in its team to begin the “build” or construction part of the process. In a matter of a few weeks, the space is transformed and ready to be furnished.


Another key ingredient to making a space look beautiful is the interior designers at Design Build Associates. We have the professional knowledge and resources to make your new interior look spectacular. Creating an image is our forte’: From the front door and throughout the office areas, we can project the desired image.

Design Build Associates has a staff of professional designers to assist and support a client’s requirements. We will work with our clients to determine what look would best suit their needs. In addition, Design Build Associates will focus on projecting the client's image and produce a beautiful 3D rendering to depict what the new space will look like.

Design Build Associates will then present different flooring, furnishing and wall covering options to choose from, so the client can select not only what look suits their needs, but also their budget. Once the picture is complete, Design Build Associates's team will bring the vision to reality.


Coordination from client’s needs to their implementation within a timely and cost effective way requires review throughout the whole project. Design Build Associates has established a supportive team to complement the process from value engineering to construction document review, client representation, and oversight during the construction process.

One of the more challenging parts of office renovation or relocation, is to responsibly manage the intricate and time-consuming details of construction.

With a select group of general contractors, Design Build Associates is able to put any construction job, large or small, in the hands of a highly qualified and efficient company. Once the job is underway, Design Build Associates’s professional team will be on hand to represent you to ensure the job is being done properly and within the time promised to the client.

In order to do this, one of our seasoned construction managers works with the architects, engineers, interior designer and/or information technology personnel to constantly review details, establish budgets with alternates and critical schedules.

Design Build Associates’s team will remain on the job site until every phase of the construction is complete and meets with the client’s satisfaction.



We are a full service contract furniture dealership.

Our approach offers an extensive array of furniture and other related products provided and managed by our staff of skilled professionals. Design Build Associates’s professionals include designers, architects, project managers, CAD operators, administrative and support staff to assist in the smooth and efficient workflow of each project.

Our association with over 300 additional manufacturers, allows us to effectively maximize the integration of multiple sources to address any requirements our clients might need. Additionally, this relationship results in cost effective discounts for our clients.

The principal services provided are:

  • Furniture Procurement and Management
  • Furniture Leasing
  • Furniture Repair and Re-Upholstery
  • Wood Refinishing
  • Warehousing, Delivery & Installation
  • Relocation (Local, Regional & Nationwide)

Other Services

  • Artwork Consulting
  • Audio Visual Systems
  • Code Consulting
  • Data Cabling
  • Flooring (carpet/wood/stone)
  • Move Management
  • Painting
  • Real Estate Development
  • Security Systems
  • Signage
  • Voice/Data (services/products)
  • Window Treatments
  • Zoning Analysis